Office 365 - Addons

Office 365 - Addons

Customer Lockbox

Gives customers explicit control in the very rare instances when a Microsoft engineer may need access to customer content to resolve a customer issue.

Delve Analytics

Provides insights about time and relationships to help individuals and teams achieve more at work.

Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) for Exchange Server

A personal e-mail archive for users who have mailboxes on Exchange Server 2010 or later.

Exchange Online Protection

Advanced anti-malware and anti-spam protection for email deployments.

Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery

Fully integrates the Equivio machine learning, predictive coding and text analytics platform, to reduce the costs and challenges that come along with sorting through large quantities of data for eDiscovery purposes by quickly zeroing in on what is relevant.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Modern email protection techniques such as Safe Links and Safe Attachment, complementing the defense of Exchange Online Protection to protect your mailboxes against sophisticated attacks.